AlphaGo beats Lee Sedol in third consecutive Go video game

datcouch April 14, 2016 20 likes

Google`s AlphaGo computer program has actually won a 3rd and definitive encounter with a top-ranked player of the Chinese parlor game Go in a success marking substantial advancements in expert system.

Lee Sedol, who is the world s 2nd best player of the method game, lost 3 online games in a row in Seoul this week, with the current AlphaGo victory on Saturday handing Google the best-of-five match.

I`ve never played a video game where I felt this amount of pressure, and I wasn`t able to overcome this pressure, Lee said at a post-game interview. 

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Valve releases Steam Controller CAD geometry so you can mod it

Valve is releasing the Steam Controller's mechanical computer helped design geometry for everybody to use under the Creative Commons permit. This implies the door is now open for people to include devices and modify the appearance; however you still have to contact Valve for consent to sell whatever you create. 

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Google computer wins last video game against S. Korean Go master

A Google-developed computer program had the last word Tuesday in its machine vs human challenge with South Korean Go grandmaster Lee Se-Dol, winning the last game for a sweeping 4-1 series success.

The win was vindication for AlphaGo's creators, DeepMind, who had promoted the program as a new form of expert system (AI) efficient in "intuitive" thought and with varied real-world applications. "I'm type of without words, that was the most mind-blowing online game experience so far," stated DeepMind CEO Demis Hassabis.

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